Dreaming of a #DesiRascals White Wedding….. after the last word

Posted on 4th September 2015

The idea that a girlfriend, after an unresolved argument, would send a photo of herself in a wedding dress, to her boyfriend would not cause controversy, is beyond me. This is what took place in this week’s #DesiRascals a programme looking at the lives of young, glamorous Asians living in modern Britain. Ross who received the photo whilst with ‘the boys’, showed it to them sparking a lively debate. It seemed that the general consensus was that this is what ‘all girls’ dreamed about. A quick straw poll around the office of primarily women revealed that although some had thought of getting married with one even having a trousseau box, overwhelmingly, Jasmine’s actions were nothing short of bonkers.

What of those in same sex relationships? It’s been excellent to see the development of the law that those is same sex relationships could enter into a Civil Partnership and since last year, into a marriage. One friend had decided that she wanted to fulfil a romantic dream of entering into a Civil Partnership a few years ago in a Scottish castle. It was a beautiful day with all of us happy to make the trip. Whilst marriages became available to same sex couples in March 2014 in England and Wales, it was not until 16 December 2014 that she could convert her Civil Partnership to a marriage…. but she has to return to Scotland to be in the right jurisdiction; if she wanted to do it anywhere else, she would have to dissolve her Civil Partnership first and then marry, which is far from a popular option. She is travelling before the 16 December 2015 as there is no registration fee until then, if you entered your Civil Partnership before 16 December 2014. Thereafter it will be £30. It’s straightforward, if you want to have the conversion without the ceremony; make an appointment with the Registrar in the area of your choice. You both have to attend, with your Civil Partnership certificate and photographic ID for each of you. The marriage certificate backdates when your Civil Partnership began, which is great for those who already have difficulty remembering significant dates!

A marriage is a firm commitment to the other person that you are both ready to take the next step and declare it to the world. If you’re constantly bickering about where your relationship is going, (Ross and Jasmine take note) counselling and mediation is available. Communication is key to a successful relationship and how we perceive what the other is saying can be helped with an independent person present. Avoid taking photos of yourself in a wedding dress at all costs…..

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