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Collaborative Law

What is collaborative law?

Collaborative law deals with family disputes and each party will appoint their own collaborative lawyer to engage in the ‘collaborative process’. Rather than these solicitors then conducting negotiations on behalf of you and your partner by letter or phone, you all agree to meet together to work things out face-to-face.

How does the collaborative process work?

When you and your partner agree that you want to use the Collaborative process, you sign up to a commitment to that process and if either of you decide to leave the process for any reason the collaborative solicitors appointed will not be able to continue to represent you and you will both need to find alternative solicitors to litigate with. This is so the unique relationships built in the collaborative process are not damaged by the prospect of the possibility of your partner’s solicitor turning into an ‘opposing advocate’. Thus, trust is enhanced and the commitment to finding solutions maximised.

The first four-way meeting

At the first four-way meeting you and your partner will be invited to share your own objectives on why you have chosen the collaborative law process. You will all contribute to the next meeting’s agenda.

Subsequent four-way meetings

Subsequent meetings will deal with particular priorities and concerns raised by either you or your partner.

The final meeting

Documentation that details the agreements you have reached will be signed. Your lawyers will talk you through anything that needs to be done in order to implement those agreements.

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