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Family Law

Civil Partnerships Agreements

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Family Law: Civil Partnerships Agreements

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Entering into a civil partnership is an exciting time for you and your partner, and it’s important for both parties to consider their financial forward planning as part of their preparation. Our experienced and qualified civil partnership solicitors can help you and your partner to prepare a pre-civil partnership or cohabitation agreement, making the process smooth and stress free.

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If you are entering into a civil partnership then you should be aware of your legal rights. Our approachable and professional team are experienced in arranging civil partnership agreements and will be able to advise you on the most appropriate way forward, helping to avoid unpleasant surprises if you were to separate.

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Entering into a Civil Partnership Agreement

A pre-civil partnership agreement is entered into prior to the civil partnership to regulate how each party is to hold their assets while they are together and in the event of a separation.

Such an agreement is never made with the intention of separating. It is more commonly viewed as a responsible act and is becoming more common and increasingly accepted by the Courts. Should your civil partnership come to an end, such preparation can have significant influence on a dissolution settlement.

It is important to consider whether a pre-civil partnership agreement – carefully and sensitively approached – may be appropriate for you. Our family law team can advise whether it would be sensible for you and your partner to enter into such an agreement and address a number of areas, including;

  • Helping you to consider the relevant issues.
  • Guiding you through any sensitive discussions.
  • Preparing the required paperwork.

Ending a civil partnership

A civil partnership agreement can be broken in three ways:

  • Death
  • An annulment, which can be applied for within 12 months of the partnership
  • Dissolution – the formal process for the dissolution and separation of a civil partnership

Dissolving a civil partnership is very similar to divorce, and the process for the most part reflects those provisions that govern marriage and divorce. Any application for dissolution may not be made within one year of the civil partnership being formed and the only ground on which the court can grant a dissolution order is irretrievable breakdown. Our caring and sympathetic team are able to help you through this, and all other aspects of your dissolution, to ensure that the process is as trouble-free as possible.

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