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Peter – learning disability and inheritance

Peter was born with a learning disability. He has good social skills but very limited comprehension. He had not worked since leaving school and was 20 years old when he inherited a large amount of money from his father.

The inheritance meant that Peter was no longer entitled to claim benefits. He wanted to live independently from his family but had very little understanding of money and budgets.

Peter had a number of relationships during which his partners took out loans in his name or persuaded him to give them sums of money. Peter is very vulnerable to financial exploitation but he was adamant that he did not want his family involved in his finances and that he wanted to be independent.

Peter believes strongly that he has capacity to manage his finances. Arrangements were made for him to be assessed by a psychologist specialising in learning disability who took the view that although Peter can manage his own day to day living expenses, he does not have capacity to manage his inheritance.

Philippa Barton was appointed as Peter’s deputy. Full enquiries were made as to Peter’s needs and circumstances and now a weekly allowance is paid to him to cover his living expenses. Financial advice has been obtained on how best to invest the rest of his money and the deputy is in regular contact with Peter to make decisions about additional spending and support Peter to continue to live independently but free of exploitation.

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