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Mrs T – Dementia

Mrs T is an elderly widow with no children. Mrs T had started to suffer from dementia and had been found wandering the local streets unable to find her way home. Her social worker discovered that she had started to invest unwisely following approaches by cold callers and therefore she was vulnerable to financial exploitation.

A capacity assessment was carried out and it was concluded that Mrs T no longer had sufficient mental capacity to manage her own finances. The Local Authority wanted Mrs T to have more support and asked us to act as her Deputy, to take over her finances to safeguard her from financial exploitation and to arrange payment for the support she needed.

Philippa Barton was appointed as Deputy and a care package was set up supporting Mrs T to continue living in her own home. Full enquiries were made as to her current needs and circumstances.

Advice was obtained from an independent financial advisor as to how her savings should be invested. Enquiries revealed that Mrs T had not claimed all the benefits to which she was entitled and the Deputy ensured that she received all the benefits that she could. Enquiries also revealed that she had not declared all her pensions to the Revenue and her tax affairs were in put in order.

Arrangements were made for cash to be delivered to Mrs T’s carers to do her shopping and pay for hairdressing and other expenses. Her property was repaired and her household bills were paid.

When Mrs T was no longer able to live independently, a suitable care home was found and arrangements made to move her to her new home with all of her favourite belongings. Her property was then sold and the sale proceeds invested.

The Deputy continues to make sure that Mrs T has everything she needs, and to manage all of her income, investments and expenditure including keeping detailed accounts and filing tax returns.

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