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£300bn of suspect funds in London reveals farce of FATF’s 2018 UK assessment

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On 29th October 2019

Transparency International (TI) UK’s report into £300bn of suspect funds in London reveals farce of the recent Financial Action Task Force’s UK assessment. Today’s TI UK report reveals what everyone in the UK has known for years: that the UK and, in particular the London property market and private schools, are a magnet for the ‘washing’ of illicit funds. The numbers are still pretty staggering though, with 421 houses worth £5bn and money funnelled through 327 private schools.

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The prosecution of Konstantin Vishnyak: is the Financial Conduct Authority flexing its prosecutorial muscle?

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On 26th September 2019

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the conduct regulator for all financial services companies in the UK. It is also the prudential regulator for over fifty-thousand financial services companies and a criminal enforcement agency. The recent appearance of Konstantin Vishnyak at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 6th September 2019 provides a useful window into the present mind-set of the FCA, in its role as a criminal enforcement agency and its approach to criminal investigations.

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Disclosure in criminal cases. Is this our darkest hour?

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On 14th June 2018

What is Disclosure?
In a criminal trial the prosecution are obliged, in advance of a trial, to disclose the evidence which they have. This includes all the evidence including that which it doesn’t intent to use but could assist with the defence.

Disclosure in criminal cases has recently come under intense scrutiny following the collapse of a number of prosecutions due to police failures to investigate or disclose information to the defence.

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