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Are You Aware of Your Rights as a Tenant?

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On 17th December 2015

Recent studies have shown that not all tenants are aware of the legal issues they face when renting. For example, the Legal Education Foundation published a report, on 9th December, on citizens’ perception/understanding of different types of legal problems they face when renting and how they are addressed (if indeed they are)…

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Top Ten Tips for Landlords

Chun Wong

Posted by Chun Wong | Partner
On 10th December 2015

Despite global recession, economic crisis and the property crash, bricks and mortar is still the preferred method of long term investment for most, especially as a contingent pension plan. And with so many priced out of buying their own home (let alone an investment property), there is no shortage of renters to fill up those buy to lets…

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Human Rights Day

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On 10th December 2015

On Human Rights Day 2015, Joanna Fleck reflects on a year that has seen the Human Rights Act under threat and looks back at how Hodge Jones & Allen have been able to use the Act to gain redress for victims of serious crime, bereaved families and innocent suspects over the year.

With a Conservative victory in this year’s General Election, 2015 has seen the Government pledging to scrap the Human Rights Act despite mounting opposition…

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NHS Investigatory Failures Highlighted

Emma Wray

Posted by Emma Wray | Partner
On 10th December 2015

It has been a bad week in the press for the NHS. Firstly the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman concluded that families and patients are being left without answers by inadequate hospital investigations, with Dame Julie Miller, the ombudsman, stating that “parents and families are being met with a wall of silence from the NHS when they seek answers as to why their loved one died or was harmed.

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A Toxic Tax

Nicola Waldman

Posted by Nicola Waldman | Partner
On 10th December 2015

A Fabian Society report has presented findings from a series of focus groups across the country, which they say demonstrates that inheritance tax (IHT) is regarded as unfair – across the political spectrum. They recommend that it should be scrapped entirely and in its place, gifts and other transfers should be taxed instead as income, at the recipient’s marginal rate…

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