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Inheritance Tax and the Life-Support Machine

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On 23rd December 2015

The new pension rules, introduced in April 2015, allow an individual to draw down (withdraw) on any percentage of their pension. Surprisingly there are no restrictions on drawing down 100% of your pensions, leaving you with nothing to live off in retirement…

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Protect the Public with Public Liability Insurance

On 21st December 2015

If you have a car accident, the party at fault will most likely have insurance cover and if not an injured party may still be able to recover damages via the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, a government body who act in place of an insurer in circumstances where accidents are caused by either uninsured drivers or drivers who flee the scene of the accident and cannot be traced. Driving without insurance is a criminal offence so what are the penalties for a business that sells products or provides services where there is a risk of damage or injury who are not insured…

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If you want justice then check your wallet first

Susie Labinjoh

Posted by Susie Labinjoh | Partner
On 18th December 2015

I was pleased to be quoted in an article in The Independent on Sunday recently, highlighting the lack of funding alternatives available as legal aid cuts have left people unable to fight their corner effectively in court.

The article proved a powerful, if grim, reminder of the narrowing choices many of us now face…

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Dangerous Dogs: The Law

Gary Monks

Posted by Gary Monks | Partner
On 18th December 2015

The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (‘The Act’) in its current form has implications for all dog owners. Though the majority of offences brought before the Courts still relate to the possession, sale or exchange of ‘fighting’ dog breeds banned under Section 1 of the Act, Section 3 of the Act creates offences that relate to any dog that is out of control – not just the prohibited breeds in Section 1 of the Act…

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