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Why we need to empower and educate young people about stop and search

On 31st July 2015

At a recent event attendees heard how the work of the Stop & Search Legal Project is paying dividends, but there are still challenges ahead for those working to combat discrimination and improve the relationship between police and young people.

In the aftermath of the 2011 ‘London riots’ many young people voiced their anger about their treatment by police…

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Policing Methods: Should Police Officers of England and Wales be armed with tasers?

Bianca St Prix

Posted by Bianca St Prix | Solicitor
On 29th July 2015

The introduction in the use of tasers by frontline Police Officers of England and Wales came in 2003 as an alternative to Police Officers being armed with firearms. Of course it’s introduction was backed by the Association of the Chief Police Constables claiming that ‘taser’s are a way to deal with the threat of violence, violent individuals and pose a significantly less risk than other options that could be used by the Police’…

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Human Rights: Euro interference or paving the way for swifter access to justice for those living in Britain?

On 27th July 2015

The right to life – and the duty this places on the police to protect life; and the right not be subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment – along with the corresponding duty on the police to investigate serious crimes which engage this right, and to protect would-be victims – are contained in the European Convention on Human Rights (Articles 2 and 3 respectively). But is it only thanks to the Human Rights Act 1998 that these rights can be enforced in UK courts; otherwise claimants would have to wait years to get their cases heard in Strasbourg, as they used to do before the law came in to force…

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