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Cerebral palsy claims – report from NHS raises concerns

James Bell

Posted by James Bell | Partner
On 22nd September 2017

The recent report by NHS Resolution – Five years of cerebral palsy claims, makes for very concerning reading. The report contains too much information for one blog so I am just focusing on the cause of the majority of cerebral palsy claims in this article – errors with CTG traces. Fifty cases were looked at in the report. These had been the subject of claims in the period 2012 -2016.

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Brain Injury Awareness Week: 8-14 May 2017

Anne Sanders

Posted by Anne Sanders | Partner
On 12th May 2017

This year Headway’s Action for Brain Injury Week focuses on “Life After a Brain Injury” #ABIWeek

Headway’s “A NewMe” encourages those who are suffering from acquired brain injuries and those who support them, to share how their brain injury has affected their lives.

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Severe cuts in payments to bereaved families.

Philippa Barton

Posted by Philippa Barton | Partner
On 18th April 2017

When my father died in the 1970s leaving a widow and three teenage children, my mother was entitled to a Widow’s Pension which was the equivalent to a State Pension and this was paid to her until she received the State Pension.

Following a challenge by a widower to the European Court of Human Rights, the Widow’s Pension was replaced by the Widowed Parent’s Allowance which was paid to mothers and fathers. A lump sum of £2,000 was also paid to bereaved spouses.

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Can you see my scar?

Usheena patel

Posted by Usheena Patel | Solicitor
On 3rd April 2017

There are various types of accidents which can cause scars to develop as part of the healing process. Scars can vary in size, shape and texture and are a very visible sign of injury.

This presents a challenge in itself as a scar or even multiple scars can cause distress and serve as a constant reminder of the accident making an individual feel self-conscious and develop psychological symptoms.

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