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Medical Negligence Injury Types

There are many different types of areas in which you may experience medical negligence, including a vast array of specific injuries for which you will need expert legal assistance to make a claim.

Our experienced team of understanding and caring medical negligence solicitors have the requisite expertise across all of the areas listed below, ensuring that you will be able to secure the result you deserve for any claim that you make.

Birth injury/pregnancy/wrongful birth/fetal medicine
Genitourinary and sexual health medicine
Surgery, misdiagnosis and keyhole surgery
Right to treatment and human rights claims
Hospital acquired infections/sepsis
Psychiatric and vulnerable patients
Intensive care and anaesthetics
Paediatric and child care claims
Inquests and fatal injury
Spinal/cauda equina
General practitioner
Loss of limb/amputation
Oral and maxillofacial
Accident & Emergency
Prescription errors
General medicine
Elderly care
Men’s health
Renal medicine


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